Battlefield 1 on Clueless Gamer. It goes better than you might expect.

Battlefield 1 has been featured on O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer segment; check out a few highlights above.

Coco invited Terry Crews, everyone’s personal fitspo patronus, to help him play, due to the actor’s reputation for relentless positivity. Nevertheless, the grim realities of war – even filtered through Battlefield 1’s explosions and headshots – have quite a dampening effect on the host.

Never mind though! A few bunnies seem to restore everyone’s spirits. Perhaps EA could consider this when arranging bonus materials for the inevitable Battlefield 1 Game of the Year re-release, whenever that happens.

We also expect to see the quote “Battlefield 1 will make you want to urinate, it’s so good” on the cover, EA.

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