Get to grips with the men of the great war.


Thanks to its World War 1 setting, Battlefield 1 has a serious chance to change some things up in its multiplayer, and developers DICE seem to have seized the opportunity. While the broad strokes of the classes in Battlefield 1 might seem familiar to most shooters, there’s a fair bit that’s different about them from previous titles in the Battlefield series or even standard shooter tropes.

Sure enough, the Assault class is basically what you’d expect and the sniper-driven class likewise, but there’s a little bit of extra and different nuance to each of the game’s four core classes thanks to the WW1 setting.

In addition to the four core classes of Assault, Support, Medic and Scout there are also some additional classes directly associated with the game’s vehicles, such as a Cavalry class when you spawn on a horse, a pilot for spawning in a plane or a Tanker class when you spawn in a tank. Each of these classes has their own weapon set and skill set – you’re no longer just an Assault class driving around a tank.

On top of all that last but most certainly not least are the super-powerful Elite Classes, special spawns that can be grabbed out in the midst of battle to turn you into one of a few infamous killing machines that are notoriously difficult to take down.

Here we’ll guide you through what to expect from each of the game’s classes. Here’s your mission briefing…

Remember that for even more help with Battlefield 1 you can hit up our definitive guide hub page, which has just about everything you need to know in one place.


Battlefield 1 Classes Guide: The Basic Four Classes

Assault, Support, Medic and Scout are the basic classes you’ll be picking when spawning into a multiplayer map. Here’s what you need to know:


Battlefield 1 Classes Guide: The Vehicle Classes

One thing that’s significantly different in Battlefield 1 is that the game has specific classes for each of the vehicles in the game. Instead of spawning and then hopping into a vehicle in your spawn base, you spawn into a vehicle and as a result spawn as a class that’s exclusive to that vehicle.


Battlefield 1 Classes Guide: The Elite Classes

Elite Classes are a major addition to Battlefield 1. They can’t be selected to spawn, but they can be found in the wild on maps at regular intervals. These classes are extremely powerful, with every single one boasting deadly firepower. These are the people where when you see them in a fight it might be better to retreat and some up with a new strategy.

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  1. Amir Meshkin

    can’t wait for this game. i’ve already preloaded on origin!

    in the meantime I’m killing it on spaceships io

  2. MMAfan74

    Sure bud. A week out and you cancel? 4 days if you pre ordered. You ain’t cancelling nothing. Back under your bridge.

  3. Peter pip

    Any trench warfare in the maps

  4. Soda Popinski

    Holy shit. Just played Battlefield 1 opening campaign level on XB1. Quite literally the most impressive and realistic looking first person WAR based shooter I’ve ever seen. Bar none. $4.99 through EA early access is basically like the cost of renting the game for a weekend. Highest recommendations, literally blew me the fuck away man.

  5. only one week left !

  6. QuickshooterMk2

    i really enjoyed the trial, so much infact that i’m considering to buy the early enlister edition (with the 10% off)
    am i sucker for that? because this game is what battlefront should’ve been from the start, a Fucking battlefield game.

    and i was really suprised how “uncasual” this game got
    they hammer-nerfed the spotting mechanic, the guns are hard to use
    clunky and heavy recoil
    classes, finally some fucking balance!
    the medic is all purpose infantry, while the assault is the expendable pew pew guy
    the sniper is the OP 1-2 shot kill and the support is… rambo… pretty fun for people who can’t aim

    map wise some maps are great, some are great for camping (ugh… desert maps)
    but i fucking despise the tank system, you can’t Hijack enemy tanks
    and you can’t “run up and toss a grande there”
    you have to use specific loadouts for tanks which can be a pain to use…

    but tanks are slow and clunky, they’re not as OP as they used to be in the beta
    esp heavy tanks, without support they can be flanked to oblivion by a competent team

    but what absolutely pisses me off is the progression system, instead of BF4 and BC2 where kills with a certain class unlocks new weapons, no, instead you get HARDLINE progression system which sucks dick, seriously why fucking make this game tedious to unlock new and better guns?!
    this is my biggest complaint with the game, also it will have microtransactions
    if you didn’t pre-order it and got the hellfighter pack, the hellfighter pack is not just skins, it’s WEAPONS with skins and damage/accu/range modifiers
    meaning this game like SW battlefront will feature microtransactions and other grindy aspects of the game

    now story: cutscenes are very well made same goes for music but as for the actual gameplay? insanely buggy and quite repedative
    it’s a mission with either
    A:elimante all enemies until you’re stopped by a cutscene or a scripted event
    B:horde mode until all enemies are dead, progress from A to B, rinse and repeat
    it’s pretty sad they half-assed the campaign, but with the story cutscenes and fablous soundtrack, i can consider this game to be a great game on it’s own

    not BC2.. but..definitely better than BF4

  7. pb0yd1

    The maps look fantastic ,the patrol boats are cool.

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