You can now start downloading the first big Battlefield 1 patch.

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Right on schedule, DICE has released the fall update for Battlefield 1 on PC, PS4, as well as Xbox One following the previously announced server maintenance.

As for download sizes, the update is available on Origin and it’s 1.6GB. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will need to download a slightly bigger file, at 1.9GB. DICE has also just released the massive list of changes and fixes.

The list is simply too big to summarise, but the most popular concerns raised by the community have been taken care of, including an AA and Mortar nerf, big changes to the Suez map and Operations mode, the inclusion of a quit button to the end-of-round screen, the ability to customise your soldier outside of game, and much more.


  1. Llewelyn_MT

    My experience is based on the 64 players on the PC.

    Also, the new 250 ticket operations (+50 tickets per sector taken) is worse than cancer. You can spend almost two hours in a single match and a chance to get a battlepack is like 1 in 5. What were they thinking?

  2. ThisServerSucks

    I like the bunkers, however the only suggestion i would have to make it easy to take is just make the bunkers smaller. Other then that idk. Its one of the things i enjoy about that map but it can be frustrating but ive cleared/been cleared out of the bunkers multiple times.

  3. Llewelyn_MT

    Bunkers were a prominent feature, but they shouldn’t be absolutely indestructible to anything, including the behemoth bombs. This makes them untrue to real life, if we ever wanted that in a Battlefield game.

    Well, that’s last week’s meta you’re using. 😉 As of this week there are a mandatory 2 incendiary grenades at each entrance, which can kill you two times over if you try to run through. Also the support players often use suppressive LMG variants that give them 200 rounds per reload and microburst into the smoke until they see hit markers. When they do, they just switch to full auto. Not to mention the entrance is usually flared anyway.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible, it’s just pretty damn hard and extremely tedious. Battlefield games were always fun, not realistic. If you want realism, get Verdun. Nobody wants realism in Battlefield.

  4. cromthelaughinggod7

    Exactly!! Especially if your team sucks bad and just started playing add that in the equation and the whole match from an experienced 32 player enemy team I never have been beat that bad. I had to quit.

  5. hoaxvii

    Bunkers were prominent defensive features during both world wars, it kinda makes in true to real life. anyway they are easy to break into. Spawn as assault with smoke grande, smoke the fuck out of the door so people at the murder holes cant see you, blow it off its hinges with dynamite, then smoke the bunker as much as possible and the attacking team tends to rushe. I do play with mates in a 5 man squad though which probably makes storming it somewhat easier.

  6. Ema Nymton

    mortars was already ghost nerfed… guess they didnt take that in account …

  7. Llewelyn_MT

    On 3rd and 4th sector on Monte Grappa you need to capture the bunkers on the very top of the mountain on the right side of the map. The problem is both only have two easily covered entrances. The current meta in defense is to keep 90+% of the defensive team inside. Most of the people play either medic (for unlimited instantaneous revives) or support (LMGs to cover the entrances and unlimited supply of gas and incendiary grenades to prohibit access). The revive train coupled with squad spawning inside makes it nigh impossible to take them without engaging the entire attacking team. Nothing, not even the behemoth can bust into the bunkers from above.

    I stopped playing Iron Walls entirely after a few tries, all ending on the first map. That’s not how it’s supposed to be played. It’s not fun for either side.

  8. ThisServerSucks

    I personally dont like suez its the only map that it seems way to easy for one side to control everything and push the other side into their base.

  9. diani_beachboy

    What’s up with the bunkers? (I’ve never made it past the church on the Mount Grappa map in operations!)

  10. diani_beachboy

    Intrigued by the change to the Suez map – really enjoyed the intense fighting with only 3 flags, although I get that it could be a bit frustrating if you only held one. But great that a team could rally and push forward to hold the majority. I guess as long as the size of the map doesn’t change (get wider) the flow should kind of be the same.

  11. Llewelyn_MT

    Can’t wait to read full patch notes. I hope they fix Monte Grappa bunkers for the operations, mortars and gas ASAP, if they didn’t do that here.

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