You’re going to need quite a bit of free space on your PlayStation 4 hard drive to install the two Call of Duty games coming out next month.


The Legacy Edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare includes two games: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered. That’s two campaigns, and two multiplayer clients.

Anyone would’ve guessed that installing both would require a lot of free hard drive space, but it seems the number on the back of the box is bigger than anyone could’ve imagined. The box for the retail PlayStation 4 version of the Legacy Edition cites 130GB of free space required for the games.

French retailer Micromania actually sent these boxes to customers who pre-ordered the Legacy Edition, along with a code for the campaign for early access. The infinite Warfare disc itself will supposedly be delivered closer to launch.

CharlieIntel obtained a picture of the box, and as you can see below, it does say 130GB.


Asking for 130GB is bizarre for a couple of reasons. If we assume that Infinite Warfare will be closer to 60GB by recent Call of Duty (and modern games) size standards, it would mean that Modern Warfare Remastered will have to be 70GB.

The Modern Warfare remaster campaign download is around 40GB, so unless there’s another 30GB to be downloaded at launch, this number is probably off base. It would be hard to imagine a remake of an old game weighing as much as a new one, or even having the same size.

By comparison, last year’s Black Ops 3 asked for at least 55GB in hard drive space, in line with other games released at the time. This is either a misprint, or it’s simply not the final box design, seeing as we’re one month ahead of launch.

Outside of file sizes, the back of the box also reveals that alongside Infinity Ward and Raven Software, three other Activision studios are involved in making the games. These are Beenox, Certain Affinity, and High Moon Studios.

Whatever it is, we’ll surely find out when copies eventually leak ahead of the November 4 launch.


  1. drjonesjnr

    Oh the memory’s 😉

  2. Dotcum22

    But I wanne have the orange one!!!

  3. drjonesjnr

    Bitch please everyone knows blues better than green 😉

  4. drjonesjnr

    F#ck me wtf? Is that for 4k assets for the ps4 pro ? The witcher 3 is massive with loads of dialog and is only 47gb on a ps4 with all the dlc how….?????

  5. Miggy Moo

    I hear you but I for one am getting rid of many of my physical games, replacing it with the digital versions and it feels great. I just prefer it hands down. I just bought a code for Shantae and the Pirate´s Curse today for 8 Euros vs. 16 on the e-shop for example (it´s damn good btw). I also just bought a code for Color Splash for 39,99 vs 49,99 on the e-shop. There are actually quite a lot of deals for digital games around these days. Then you have the regular shop sales as well which become more frequent too. My download speeds are good. I never noticed a difference really. On Xbox I can even download remotely…I don´t even need to be at home. It´s just damn convenient and I really can´t imagine to go back. We need more friend share models though.

  6. SuicideSilence621

    You can usually find discs brand new three months after release at less than half the price, whereas most digital games do not drop prices. And Gamestop always offers buy two get one free on pre-owned games to Pro members, I use it all the time and has been invaluable. Bought Halo MCC, Halo 5(both at $30), and got Sunset Overdrive for free not too long ago. Sunset Overdrive has got to be the best free game I’ve ever received.

    There are two people in my household that have a PS4 as well, so just trading discs is the way to go. Also, many people, including myself like to see a physical game collection that cannot be taken away at any point. Not sure if the big three will all be around ten years from now, and if they aren’t then it’s simply future proofing. Just look at what happened to Forza Horizon, which was a free gold title last month and is now bc. Game downloads on disc only take about an hour too, digital takes at least twelve for a 50gb game.

  7. SuicideSilence621

    DOOM, is just over 60GB.

  8. orion

    the ugly green disc !

  9. Untold Stories

    Well I was going to say that its officially bigger than halo 5 but seeing as this is 2 games…I changed my mind

  10. Hermione Granger

    50gb just for the remaster cod, jesus christ… and with the dead slow psn download speed, it will take ages to download. so i am not gonna bother getting it. it cost them pennies to put it on the disc, but greedy activision strikes yet again…

  11. Asimb0mb

    “Who’s buying discs these days?”
    *a single tear rolls down my eye*

  12. Asimb0mb

    Uh oh, Miggy’s alarm bells are going off! Wii U Wii U Wii U! 😛 Ugh I’m horrible.

  13. Asimb0mb

    You read that wrong. You only need to install 10.646 GB to start playing. 39.214 GB is the full install. MWR is 39.214 GB in total.

  14. Kharnivore2099

    Black Ops III seems to require around 60GB along with Advanced Warfare, Mafia III will be also be around 50GB too. It’s just going to be the norm for AAA titles like this.

  15. Ziriak

    I’m guessing its because pc patches don’t need approving by a platform holder like they do on console, so smaller more frequent patches are done instead of bigger ones.

  16. Llewelyn_MT

    Looks like either game files or loading times do have to be infinite.

  17. Llewelyn_MT

    TBH, the only 50+ GB game I have seen to date is GTA V. I’m talking release size, BF4 with all expansions is also huge.

  18. Llewelyn_MT

    Let’s face it. Game files can either be of worse quality or compressed. If they are compressed it makes loading times longer and consumes computing power. Looks like the current generation is just not powerful enough to handle it.

  19. Llewelyn_MT

    There must be a problem with the distribution system. On Steam I have made had a patch of more than 2 GB, day one or otherwise, except when expansion comes into play.

  20. ManuOtaku

    Well is not infinite for nothing, it requires infinite space.

  21. Revolver Ocelot

    Obviously because of all those 4K megatextures.

  22. Miggy Moo


  23. Dotcum22

    Faith in humanity restored! Thankyou my preorder stands now!

  24. Miggy Moo

    Aww, don´t be that guy….but here you go. Now that I see it…looks much better with the green but then, who´s buying discs these days?

  25. Dotcum22

    Thats a picture of the PS4 case where is the X1 version!!!
    I demand a picture of the X1 version or else!!!

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