You don’t know what you want.


“You wouldn’t want to upset the fanbase. They already hate the other game they’re forced to buy in order to play this.”

In the lead-up to the launch of Modern Warfare Remastered, it was hard to miss the noise people excited to play the game were making, so anxious to get back into a remake of this nine-year-old game. Most of them probably even clocked over a hundred hours in the original, and that only made the remake’s release even more of an event.

Part of this is born from the disappointment that surrounds recent Call of Duty releases, particularly a result of a quest to change-up the series’ dated formula by injecting more sci-fi mechanics into it. “Boots on the ground” is the phrase you’ve no doubt seen and heard, to the point that even Activision and Infinity Ward started using it when referring to Infinite Warfare, a game that’s taken this double-jumping and wall-running trend the community has grown to hate so much to its extremes.

It was clear everyone was yearning for the good old days of Call of Duty, whether it be disgruntled long-time fans, or simply those fed up of seeing three different Call of Duty games go the sci-fi route.


There was a sentiment that stood out to me the most, a stark attitude ardent fans adopted since learning of the remaster’s existence. These people wanted the exact same 2007 game, they just wanted it to have the looks of a 2016 one.

Fans went as far as preemptively calling out “haters” and “detractors” before the thing even came out, telling them that they’re fully aware of the original game’s overpowered perks, unbalanced guns and camping spots, and that they’re completely happy to see them return untouched.

Newcomers, or fans of the original who possess a form of common sense, were definitively told to never raise any of the game’s long-standing issues, for the sole reason that this is how things were back in the day. Ironic, when some of these very same defenders complain about the exact problems in modern Call of Duty games.

The message was clear; those players don’t want innovation in this 2016 remake, they want the same exact game they played years ago. Anything else would be an insult.


This sort of attitude didn’t surprise me. I understand the fear of remasters “ruining” an experience players have come to know and love. The only problem is, with multiplayer games, if something was frustrating back then, it’s going to be doubly so now. And in my mind, this completely misses the point of a remake.

It took the original game’s community months to devise the most annoying and spammy loadouts, and it took even longer for them to identify overpowered tactics and weapons. With the remaster, all this knowledge is available on day one. The process you go through with any multiplayer game, from everyone starting out unaware of the best equipment and tactics, trying everything out for fun, to eventually distilling the available options to the most effective few, is all gone.

You were robbed of the maturation you go through alongside multiplayer games before you even bought the remaster. It’s the same thing that happens when you decide to get into a multiplayer game years after launch.

Once the lustre wears off, you’ll begin to remember the nightmare of grenade launchers, M16s, Juggernaut, and Last Stand, and there’ll be nothing you can do about it. There are no counters to most of these, there’s a reason why they frustrated many, and a reason why they’re considered the best options. All that has been well figured out years ago, bringing in new players doesn’t mean you’ll be starting afresh.

This is what my time with Modern Warfare’s multiplayer have been; an exercise in frustration and rage over the same damn problems that got me riled up back then. It made me realise that the ultimate objective of this remaster was to make it as archaic and outdated as possible, just with a modern coat of paint.

But you wouldn’t want to upset the fanbase. They already hate the other game they’re forced to buy in order to play this.


I just can’t enjoy the old Modern Warfare multiplayer today, because I am not the same person I was in 2007. The shooter scene isn’t the same it was back then, either. Myself, as well as others, have since played countless hours of many other multiplayer shooters that it’s impossible to just ignore all of that and get along with poor design decisions just because they’ve somehow turned Classic with age.

“Modern Warfare Remastered is a remake, at least in the graphics and sound department, which absolutely makes the gameplay seem that much more outdated.”

I suppose in that way it’s exactly the Modern Warfare I remember. Playing it in this state today, after all the progress the industry has made in design, feel, and fun, makes me feel like we’re throwing away all of that in favour of a short-lived nostalgia trip.

Maybe if Modern Warfare Remastered had received a slight graphical touch-up and was just a pre-order bonus for Infinite Warfare, maybe then it would have made sense to keep everything as it was. But Modern Warfare Remastered is a remake, at least in the graphics and sound department, which absolutely makes the gameplay seem that much more outdated.

How long will it take those who were swooning over the idea of not making any changes to realise that they can’t enjoy this in 2016?

However long this may take and however many will eventually admit that what they wanted wasn’t the right choice, one thing will remain the same: Activision missed a golden opportunity to remake this seminal shooter into something fit for 2016 design standards.


  1. ollonelycat

    Wow. I didn’t know that. But I did notice the sniping seemed to be far more accurate. And another thing I noticed is there is a lot of hacking. My kdr is like 6 and 20 when I try to play this game… but when I play the original I get an incredible kdr like 80-10… so I know something is way off. Then I tried a wall hack and still had a hard time because it seems that half the players at any given time are using at least a wall hack. I can see them through the walls and I can tell that they see me too because of the way they react when I move and how the preservation aim and try to come right at me. So from using a hack I can see their movement and tell they are definitely hacking. And also maybe it’s that aim assist but it feels like players are using a slight aimbot that is dialed down to not look obvious. So how else do you explain when I play like a pro in the original but players still outbeat my score even when i use a wall hack in the new remaster? There’s no other explanation. It’s full of hackers. I’m just going back to the real call of Duty 4, where I’m an admin and can ban the hackers from our clans servers. Come join us in the h4x servers. We have extreme, ffa, and war. Extreme is the best!

  2. theDireWolf

    Again, talking pre cod 4. Cod 4 f’d the entire genre. It was a “pop shooter,” the backstreet boys of fps’s. It sold well and continues to because it’s extremely casual and noob friendly. And if you only played cod, you have zero clue what a gunfight is or used to be.

  3. theDireWolf

    Not hacking but go set up a private game against bots and use a sniper. Aim a few feet to left/right of someone then scope in. You’ll notice the game automatically puts your cross hair right on the enemy and if he’s moving, it will stick on him and move without you pressing anything.

    Technically it’s not “auto aim” but the most EXTREME version of aim assist ever made. Without it, you’d see 0-2 snipers a game rather than 10.

  4. theDireWolf

    I’m a scrub for pointing out how noob friendly the game is? This game has the most auto aim of any shooter by a landslide. Why do you think EVERYONE snipes? It’s not that they’re expert marksman, it’s because the game does most of the aiming for you.

    As far as gunfights, I’m talking pre-cod. Games like Socom where you could strafe hard left/right while firing from hip with ZERO auto aim. Compare that to stop, aim down sights, auto lock on and shoot. And funny you point out “drop shot.” That’s only works because it removes you from the sticky aim and by the time the other guy can bring his scope down he’s dead. That technique has zero place in any other shooter that doesn’t force you to ads. COD is a series of running around and stopping to shoot. That wasn’t the case with shooters before it.

    If cod was your first shooter then this what you’re used to and have nothing else to compare it to. But realize it completely dumbed down the genre.

  5. ollonelycat

    Please read my full review a few comments down. I’ve never been more let down over a video game. I waited so long for it and spent so much money, and it was a total let down. I feel like a complete noob when i try to play this version. My KDR is embarrassing. Something is majorly wrong with this game. It’s not true to the original.

  6. ollonelycat

    I totally agree with you. Please read my entire review a few comments
    down. What do you mean about auto aim? In the original, the most
    powerful guns were the AK-47, and the AK-74u, and the sniping rifles
    seemed inaccurate most of the time. But now, the snipers are destroying
    me and their accuracy is dead on. I don’t even stand a chance with
    either AK. What do you mean by auto aim? Are you saying there are
    hackers? Please explain. I want to know why this experience is so

  7. ollonelycat

    1. Amazing Graphics
    2. More than 5 custom loadouts can be unlocked upon prestige
    3. Round winning kill cam added
    4. Enhanced animations when you die
    5. All gold guns, and additional camos
    6. Cool weapon inspect feature (serves no real purpose)
    7. Better design to the custom class page
    1. No auto-balance (For example: some games are 7 vs 2)
    2. No team selection
    3. No Spectate mode (Can’t watch strategies, or check for hackers)
    4. No text saying who you killed, or who killed you (except the kill feed)
    5. No quick chat commands (These were always so much fun to play with)
    6. No binds (For example: You can’t bind cancel weapon reload, or text binds)
    7. No console
    8. No third party dedicated servers
    9. No hardcore FFA game mode
    10. Extremely long loading times, and long intermissions
    11. Maps freeze or crash upon loading
    12. Every game starts out with a lot of lag
    13. Max limit of 90 frames per second (no more 125, 250, & 333 fps)
    14. No one in hardcore modes (most hardcore servers are empty)
    15. No server browser (You can’t choose what server you want)
    16. No mod support (no faster paced games or higher jumping)
    17. Limited maps (The same few maps keeps getting recycled)
    18. Short game length (Games are over very quickly)
    19. Must toggle scoreboard tab on and off, instead of holding it down
    20. Overall gameplay feels different than original (More rigid, not as smooth)
    21. Questionable kill cams (suspect players shooting through walls and smoke)
    22. You can’t change your name or profile
    23. You can’t mount objects while holding cooked grenades
    24. Can’t record video within the game itself (no more recorded demos from console)

    Overall Review:
    Contrary to what many have said, and will continue to say, this game is not true to the original.
    I can’t pinpoint the core reason for this, but I know it is true in a number of ways.
    I’ve been a COD addict dating all the way back to Call of Duty 2, but I’ve never been this frustrated over a COD game until COD4 Remastered. Let me begin by saying that the single player mode is great. If that’s all you care about, then by all means, go for it. But if multiplayer is your thing, then I’d advise you to think twice before diving in.
    I waited patiently for several months anticipating this game, not caring the slightest for Infinite Warfare (I haven’t even launched it). When it finally arrived, I felt like a kid again on Christmas morning.
    When I first ran COD 4 Remastered, I was experiencing an intolerable amount of lag.
    So, on top of the $100.00 I paid for the bundle, I decided to buy a new graphics card for $650.00 (GeForce GTX 1080).
    This forced me to move my computer guts into a larger case, since the new card did not fit in my computer.
    During the graphics card switch, my old card was damaged. Therefore I was stuck with the purchase.
    Ultimately, I spent approximately $750.00 just for the sake of playing this game. So, whether you like my review or not, I feel like I have the right to write it.
    I do like the graphics card, and I anticipate it will work well with my video editing software, so I’ll justify the purchase as an upgrade to my computer.
    The card delivered a major performance improvement, but my frustration didn’t end there.
    For starters, the problems may begin as soon as you try to enter a game. Ironically, every time the map “Crash” tries to load up, it crashes. After waiting a long period of time, a message will pop up saying “sever connection timed out.” So right off the bat, we have lost one of the 10 maps. Sometimes I’ll get into the ‘crash’ map, but usually the loading screen freezes up, and I have to end the process through the task manager and restart the game.
    When I play the original, I am often times the top player on the scoreboard, with an impressive KDR.
    When I play the remastered, I’m often times the bottom player with the worst KDR.
    There is no clear explanation for this, but it’s certainly the case, almost without fail.
    In the original, I’m used to owning the competition with Kill/Death Ratios like 85-15.
    In the remaster, I feel like a total noob, with Kill/Death Ratios like 15-40.
    The following is a link to my original COD 4 videos for verification:
    Now, I know there could be many factors contributing to this huge contrast in gameplay, but it’s a major disappointment nonetheless.
    In fact, this game ruined the Call of Duty experience for me completely.
    When I play the Remastered version, I long for the gameplay of the original.
    But when I go back to the original, I long for the graphics of the remaster.
    In the remaster, I find it very hard to get a kill, although I’m killed very quickly and often.
    It sometimes feels like I’m playing against wall hackers and aimbots, but I can’t be sure, since there is no option to spectate.
    The TDM and Domination servers are loaded with sniping campers, spawn campers, and players no-scoping with uncanny precision left and right.
    Every time I turn a corner someone is already pre aiming at me, as if they know exactly where I am at all times.
    This could be due to the fact that UAV radars are up almost indefinitely, but it happens even when when I’m using the UAV Jammer perk.
    I also feel like most of the real die-hard COD 4 fans are not playing this game for one reason or another.
    I actually can’t think of a single friend or clan member who bought the remaster.
    Maybe it’s the price. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s bundled with Infinite Warfare. Maybe it’s simply because their computers can’t run it. Or maybe they were just a lot smarter than I am, and they could foresee the disappointment.
    My view on game modes:
    In the beginning, I hated hardcore mode, but now I prefer it. I like to get the jump on my enemy and hit them with one or 2 bullets for a kill. If you are not used to hardcore, it’s harder to stay alive, but it also forces you to play more defensive while you remain on the offense. I think that, in the end, it makes you a better player.
    When I went back to standard mode, it was very hard to even get a kill, especially without the Stopping Power perk. I found that I had to trace the enemy in my sights and practically unload my entire clip in order to kill him.
    Not only will this put you in a position that you have to reload or switch guns, but it will also draw attention to you, making you an easy target, and preventing your kill streaks. If you use a silencer and/or UAV Jammer to stay off the radar, it’s even harder to get the kill because your gun delivers less damage.
    In hardcore, you can get your kill fast and then duck for cover or turn the corner. But in standard mode, you’ll most likely encounter several enemies at once, and you will waste your entire clip trying to kill just one.
    I’ve always shined best in FFA, because I find that team members get in my way more often than not, and draw attention to my location.
    I also like the freedom of being able to kill anything that I see move across the map.
    Sadly, in the remaster, there is no FFA hardcore mode, and the standard FFA servers are practically empty.
    The fact that almost no one is playing in hardcore servers is troubling, because I’m forced to play modes like standard TDM or Domination.
    These game types are loaded with campers who hide behind their team and snipe you while you’re trying to get out of spawn.
    Although these may be some of the factors causing me to struggle, it still does not explain why I’m getting an upside-down KDR.
    Now onto some of the obvious differences I noticed with Call of Duty 4 Remastered:
    In the remaster, there is no indicator that pops up on your screen telling you who killed.
    This is very annoying, because you have to follow the tiny kill feed if you want to know who you just killed.
    This ruins the highlight moments between highly competitive players who are really battling it out for bragging rights. Most of the time I have no clue who I just killed, and i have no clue who just killed me. And if the kill cam looks suspicious, I won’t even know who the suspicious player is.
    Another annoying feature is how quickly your typed chat will get pushed up and out of view if others are chatting at the same time.
    You might find yourself typing a chat towards the end of a game, only to see everything you typed get pushed out of view by 4 other players who typed “gg” (good game).
    Ever since COD 2, I’ve had a blast using the quick chat commands. But this also is a thing of the past, as I’ve not seen any option for it in the remaster.
    For instance, I shoot an enemy into the ground only to find that he is using the last stand perk. So I decide to run around him in circles while he tries to shoot at me with his pistol.
    As I’m running circles around him, I press a 3 key combination that makes my character mock him by shouting, “Nice shot!”
    Before he dies, I’ll come up to knife him while pressing another 3 key combination to make my character say, “Sorry,” as I’m finishing him off.
    This is just one example of the hilarious ways I used to enjoy using the quick chat. Now, in the remaster, I feel like I’ve been robbed of so much laughter.
    I rarely used a microphone, so the quick chats were my signature thing to do in game.
    In a game of Headquarters, I could call out to my team, saying “Need reinforcements!” or tell them, “Hold this position!” with a simple 3 key combination.
    I cannot believe they took away this feature. What a horrible decision to neglect such a fun feature. Hence, another example of how the remaster is not true to the original.
    While I’m sweating what may seem to be the small stuff, I’ll also note that smashing car windows is different. I used to be able to run up to cars and smash the windows in one fluid motion, but in the remaster you can’t smash the car windows while you are running. You can only smash them if you come to a hault from running. The window will only break if you swing your knife when you are standing still. One might ask, “why would you want to smash car windows in COD 4? Well, you might want to do this as a method of distraction, or to draw enemies towards your position for a setup, or simply because it’s fun, and because you can. I’m sure most players couldn’t care less about some of these minor details, but they certainly threw a wrench in my playful style.
    Another thing I noticed is that you can’t climb over objects while holding a cooked grenade. For instance, I would pull a grenade out and hold it. Then I would mount an object before releasing the grenade. But in the remaster, you can’t mount an object while you’re cooking a grenade. Fortunately, You can still climb a ladder while holding a cooked nade.
    At this time, I can only think of a few different possibilities to explain the drastic difference I’m experiencing in gameplay.
    Maybe there are hackers who are not being regulated by the developers.
    Maybe there is something different about the game engine, since it was said to have been rebuild from scratch.
    Maybe only the best of the best players purchased this game, whereas I’m simply playing against incredible players who are way out of my league.
    I’m not ruling anything out just yet, because I’m still giving this game a try.
    In the original version, I could immediately sense when there was a hacker because my kill streaks and score would drop accordinly. I am still an admin in 3 servers, so I’ve had much experience detecting hackers and banning them. I was also a very fair admin, always making sure I was 100% sure of a hacker before taking action. I would use uav jammer, with dead silence, and a silencer, and then test the hacker to see if he knew where I was. I would wait for at least 3 suspicious kill cams from that same player before determining if it was truly a hack, or something else like a random wall bang.
    But in the remaster I cannot diagnose whether or not this is the case. Even when I use a silencer, with UAV jammer, some of the kill cams look very questionable. Either the kill cam is not showing an accurate representation of the kill, or players are clealry able to aim directly at me through walls or thrown smoke grenades. I just played a domination match where I watched 3 or 4 kill cams where I was targeted by the enemy when their entire field of view was blocked by my smoke grenade. Could this just be random luck every time? Or is there something unfair going on here? I searched the internet to see if cheats were available for the remaster, and it appears that they are. I’d like to think that this game would be regulated by the developers with some sort of anti-hack feature like punk buster, but apparently it’s not.
    It seems that most of the players in these servers are those who play the later Modern Warfare titles, and thus are more comfortable with the gameplay.
    I never really got into the later MW games, as I’m not interested in using 80 different perks to run on walls or fly.
    But could the kids from that community be such pro gamers that they can come into a game I’ve been dominating in for nearly 10 years, and make me look like a noob? Maybe so.
    As I said, I can’t pinpoint exactly what the main difference in gameplay is, but the experience is far different from the COD 4 experience I’ve been used to for the last 10 years.
    My goals here are to share my experience to those who might be considering purchasing the game, and also seek answers from others who might be able to shed some light on the matter.
    I’ve heard many players say that the game is not optimized and that the servers hosting the game are garbage.
    That being true or not, it still wouldn’t explain how some players are able to dominate the severs with the Kill/Death Ratios similar to the ones that I can so easily aquire in the original COD 4.
    The graphics are absolutely fantastic on maxed out settings, but that’s about as far as it goes.
    I’m still trying to rank up with perks and guns to see if I can adjust to the new gameplay, but so far the experience has been horrific.
    This release may cause me to retire from Call of Duty entirely and search for a new pastime.
    RIP COD 4.

  8. Carl Durand

    I have not played the remaster, as i refuse to pay the price for infinite warfare. But to put into perspective (This is a Remaster) not a new game so of course it is the same game in a new skin, i would also wager that having it rebuilt in a new engine with better hit detection would be a god send. Most whining and moaning about crap lag hit detection well any game you play you could say that about for the most part.

    And then theirs the fact that opinions are like assholes, we all have one.

    Yet i ask you if you were not prepared for the obvious, why did you buy the game other than to play infinite warfare ?

  9. theDireWolf

    More like it’s too easy to be good at this game. Take away auto aim and see how many ppl are quick scoping.

  10. theDireWolf

    Ok I gave it another chance and forget it, you guys cannot defend the sniping. 80% of ppl are sniping, which is ridiculous by itself. And it’s now more reliable, with the auto aim, to quick scope snipe than to use any other weapon. Even close range. I finally realized sniping isn’t actually sniping, you just zoom in on anyone close to center of screen and game does the rest for you.

    Idk how they patch this without pissing ppl off but guys, do you actually enjoy this? Sorry but if 70-80% of every game on every map is snipers, there’s something wrong.

  11. Jesse Colts Lafantaisie

    Yeah it is fun to play, would def be more players if it was stand alone but still definitely wish they would of fixed the obvious issues with the original cod4 or asked competitive community what issues could be addressed. Another thing would be allowing recreation of promod! You got people still playing COD4 competitively because of promod and if activision/cod developers gave any shit about that they would of include the ability to set promod as option in custom/private game or allowed ability to recreate it this would of definitley had brought more players.

    The biggest fail was windows store can’t play with steam version and the next biggest fail was no ability to buy just cod4 remastered like they ain’t confident in ability to sell infinite warfare they need to bundle it or realizing they could bundle games to make more money as some will still buy and not want to wait till standalone while still making tons more money when they release it as a standalone in new year or around christmas time…

  12. Jesse Colts Lafantaisie

    I agree as you are dying and re-spawning. No reason to have to end the game from a Nuke going off when the game doesn’t end when you die.

  13. Jesse Colts Lafantaisie

    The m16 with stopping power is a 1 click kill from waist up you literally have to hit them in thigh/leg/foot to not kill them and if they are hurt at all thigh/leg/foot=1 click kill. A player stunned seems to equal 1 hit kill no matter where you hit that player with m16+stopping power. This is a problem and game breaking, not that it matters much though as the total player numbers are terrible because not too many people willing to pay for infinite warfare legacy edition 109.99$ Canadian in order to get COD4 remastered. Should of been standalone from the start and then at least we would have anywhere between 10-100 times more players. Also having Windows store version unable to play with Steam version hurts as well feel bad for anyone who got windows store version.

  14. Jesse Colts Lafantaisie

    Sorry can’t take your comment seriously as you just said if someone was camping with the m16 you would need to use stuns on them and pull your own m16 to kill them. If you really were good you wouldn’t need any of dat shit…:P (I kid I kid)

    But for real the game is super easy and yes this does increase the skill cap and the guy above you definitely just misses those CROUCH ONLY OR KICK AND NO BUNNY HOPPING! custom dedicated realistic servers. 🙂

  15. Jesse Colts Lafantaisie

    I can beat the m16’s no problem I still see the issue involved with a 1 click burst getting a kill anywhere from waist to head. If one click burst shots is automatic kill from waist up every other automatic weapon should only take 2 shots to kill as that is proper weapon balance but it’s not the ideal way. The best way to balance this out is having head/neck area be 1 click burst kills while the rest of the body need 2 clicks stopping power or not to get a kill..FPS need proper weapon balance any good player knows this.

  16. Silviu Felician

    COD MW remastered has big performance issues on PC. It clearly feels as a bad console port. I have frame-rate fluctuations, one time I have 90+, the other time I go into 40s. The problem is that I feel this difference: I am using a 120Hz monitor and this 50fps difference really gives me this huge lag feeling. How can a game (even remastered) from 2007 have bad performance? Why did they not put the performance first and foremost on the priority scale? I don’t care that the graphics are nice, because the PC performance sucks. This is not the COD game which we know (since almost all COD games run top notch even on older hardware), this is some console port crap; sorry but this is the truth, some nice colors and light effects won’t fool me. For comparison, BF1, which is a truly 2016 next-gen game graphics-wise, runs top notch, fast and fluid, with over 70-80 fps, minimum, sometimes even more (on 64 player maps + vehicles), I didn’t pay too much attention since it runs perfect. For this issue I am not enjoying MW remastered; until they fix it (although I don’t think they will since it is just a bad console port) I will play the original version. I admit I was fooled by this “Remaster” wonder, I didn’t think that I will ever receive a COD game which runs very poorly. Well, bad things happen in life.

  17. Daniel Nilssen

    To much personal experience…. I love the remaster as well as the original game. Its a good difference in graphic that makes it look a lot better. Also they made a old game “new” without the need of buying from black market, thats the best thing I could ever ask for.
    Enjoying this game every hour, with many other players, that you dont play any good in the game and dont like it is up to you, but dont ever blame the game, blame the player.. (as mentioned before somewhere I think?) I am also very happy they didn´t change to much, then this would be a problem for you maybe? “It doesnt look like the original game, too god graphic”

  18. Joe Masina

    Lol at people saying this game aint good
    Ofcourse its better than IW. Tried to play it but no.
    COD 4 all the way
    I might not know all the nade spots and spawntubes but i still love it.
    M16? I still rape m16 with m5 just running around.
    Drop shot is back. g3 master race all the op and funny stuff still on this game. This game is definitely so much better

  19. JoshofDuty

    Im guessing youre frustrated with the game because youre not very good. Another problem a lot of players have including me at the beginning is that cod4 is a slower game where you have to be careful about sprinting around like a crazy person. you can actually get killed (as in real war) if youre get cought just sprinting around and not checking corners carefully

    The game is a classic. Its the most fun ive had in about 8 years playing video games. All i need now is a black ops 2 remake or direct port to xbox one and final fantasy 7 remake and ill be a happy camper

  20. lol & you can even unlock gold skins for the full goldeneye experience. M16 used to kill pretty often with a 1 burst but yeh with the better connections now its probably alot more noticeable. Every cod ive played has had tons of aim assist, last i played was blops2 and what ive seen of the others nothing has changed. They are all really just very casual games, i only really like the zombies mode. If you have no problem aiming there really is no need to put up with the annoying shit & lack of challenge in those games tbh better off playing something else.

  21. Ken Spaziani

    the point I made above is…. I still play quake live which aside from rail damage and a few minor tweaks is just…. Quake 3 with RA3 mod added on – Thus…. Why not just play Cod4? Why does it have to be an 80 dollar bundled remaster that gets people pumped to “replay a classic” – just go re-install the damn “classic”

  22. Dimacorgan

    ^ this. I wonder why they cannot come up with a decent game, anymore. It all turned into a freaking sci-fi teen pile of shit.

  23. Ken Spaziani

    I don’t understand why if people are feeling nostalgic why not just… re-install COD4? You really need the pretty visuals to justify purchasing IW? – I mean hell I am all about advancements in gaming tech / game engines – but I will still play Quake Live to remember my Quake 3 days – aside from a few damage tweaks its the same game as Quake 3; visually etc – it doesn’t burn my eyes or turn me into dust like a vampire in the sunlight – Confused as to the exact justification for a game like Cod4 even requiring this remaster. Let alone having the fan-base that pumped to play it – (Yes, I played Cod4 on PC quite a bit; competed in a few tournaments, etc; I still think that if it takes an 80 dollar bundle for cod fans to get the boots on the ground experience they want instead of a re-install something if wrong with them rather than the industry.

  24. Лев Гринберг

    >>Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and the problem with remaking old games

    There is none. You either want to replay the game as it was, or you play games that came after that.

  25. Eliseo Llobet

    I mean, up to Blops 2 you had been playing the same CoD for years, so I really don’t understand why this needs to be a thing.

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