Destiny: The Dawning brings a stack of new secrets to Bungie’s shooter. Here’s how to find two of them – the Bannerfall Ghost and Lysander’s Cry Sparrow.

Destiny: Rise of Iron players who want a new Sparrow for the races have the opportunity to grab a special event ride.

Lysander’s Cry is a tasty sparrow which may only be available during The Dawning, but appears to be permanent once you’ve actually grabbed it. Here’s how to grab it in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

  1. Start a private Control match on the Bannerfall map
  2. Search the buildings around the C control point for a new Dead Ghost
  3. Go to the Tower and enter the Hangar wing
  4. Search the dark, crate-filled corner beneath the Future War Cult area for the “Lysander’s Cry” prompt

If you try to grab the Sparrow before you collect the new Bannerfall Ghost, you’ll see the prompt “For One Who Stood at Bannerfall” instead, and won’t be able to collect it. We’ll get some screenshots up to help with this as soon as possible. Oh hey, Arekkz has put together a video walkthrough – check it out above.

We expect to find The Dawning brought many other secrets to Destiny: Rise of Iron, so stay tuned for updates.

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