The launch of the biggest Xbox exclusive this year is upon us. It’s time to read some reviews.


Gears of War 4, the anticipated new iteration of one of the shooters that shaped the previous generation, is almost here. Gears of War 4 is developed by The Coalition, a new team in Canada lead by series veteran Rod Fergusson.

The game takes place 25 years after Gears of War 3, and you’ll be commanding a new squad. Lead by Marcus Fenix’s son J.D., the sequel introduces two new enemies to the franchise, the automated DeeBees and an evolved version of the Locust called the Swarm.

The Gears of War 4 package is full of content, featuring a 10-hour co-op campaign, the newest iteration of Horde mode, as well as multiplayer. The studio is targeting 30fps for single-player and Horde, and an impressive 60fps for multiplayer.

Just like Halo 5, the cards and card packs system are also present here. These packs grant in-game customisation options like skins and character models, as well as skills for use in Horde. The new Horde features a class system, which is when these equipable skills come into play. You also get XP boosters, emblems and other vanity items from these packs.

This will be the first Gears of War title to launch on PC day and date with Xbox One. It’s also an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning you get a copy for both platforms with your digital purchase.

Similar to Forza Horizon 3, saves and achievements carry over across both platforms. You can also join other players in co-op in the campaign, Horde, and in multiplayer against AI.

We’ve been playing the game the past few days. Expect our single-player impressions tomorrow, with more Horde and multiplayer-focused content to follow later.

See the reviews below:

Scores are out of ten unless otherwise noted.

Polygon – 9
Game Informer – 9.25
PC Games N – 9
IGN – 9.2
News Ledge – 9
Destructoid – 8
Game Reactor – 8
Lazy Gamer – 8
Leadergamer – 8
iDigital Times – 4/5
Venture Beat – 87/100
US Gamer – 4/5
Metro – 8
Techno Buffalo – Buy
GameSpot – 7
Financial Post – 7
PC World – 3.5/5
The Mirror – 3/5

Gears of War 4 is out October 11 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Ultimate Edition owners can play starting this Friday, October 7.


  1. ATARI

    I also thought Uncharted 4 was way over-rated myself. Either lots of people reviewing it are massive Sony fanboys or Sony spent lots of money advertising the game on these websites which in turn helped the reviews to go well as nothing a website likes more is a hyped to hell game that not only brings in clicks but advertising money.

    I played Uncharted4 on PS4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC and thought it was way better. Hell even the “optional” tombs in RoTR that you don’t even need to enter to complete the game ended up with superior puzzles to the main areas in Uncharted 4. Also who wants to spend over an hour slowly walking around an empty house in the dark?. This along with the children’s home level were simply time wasters levels/ Oh and who wants to travel from A to B on the map in a run down Jeep with nothing to do but listen to scripted conversations and possibly get out to look for collectibles?. In these areas in RoTR had hidden optional tombs to explore/ Also the combat was better in RoTR and of course Uncharted 4 didn’t even have weapon crafting. Also did I mention that RoTR is only about 10 to 15 hours longer for me to complete than Uncharted4?.

    So the fact that one game ended up with a higher metacritic and it wasn’t Rise of the Tomb Raider makes me very cynical about advertising money or Sony fanbois reviewing such games.

    Oh and did I mention that I was tired of finding areas that had me sliding down on my arse by the time I got to the second stage “Scotland” however it happened at least 3 times in every single area from then on in?. Or who like moving boxes or dropping boxes in every stage to get to a higher area?. It all seemed kind of contrived.

    So yes XB1 or PC doesn’t need an “Uncharted” killer as PS4 was selling new with games for as little as £150 the other day and Uncharted is deliberately over rated by poor single platform owning gamers who are trying ever so hard to hype the game hoping to make people envious. If the game was multiplatform I am sure they wouldn’t even be mentioning it now let alone hyping it

  2. It’s a fact to anyone with brain. He admitted himself he was fired because of the low score.
    You sound like you work for gamespot with your pathetic attempts to save their reputation.

  3. Boris Fett

    *I’m* getting paranoid because I want to use facts, and not assumptions?

    Transference, much?

    The idea that they were bribed is a conspiracy theory. It is based on assumptions and circumstantial arguments with no evidence to back it up. That makes it unverifiable. Assuming that something without demonstrable evidence is true makes it a conspiracy.

    Christ, even Jeff himself has been open about what happened. There was no hidden secret bribe that went on.

  4. Assumption that was obvious to everyone. But you can pretend whatever you want, as long as it goes along with your own claims.
    Nobody said anything about conspiracy. Just the fact that there are biased reviews.
    You’re getting paranoid.
    You starting to sound like a deranged fanboy on crack.

  5. Boris Fett

    “The reviewer gets fired for giving low review score and there was no bribe?”

    This is called an assumption. Assumptions are circumstantial. They are not fact.

    And again, even if this were true, that was one person one time nearly a decade ago. My statement was in the present tense.

    But, since you seem so focused on semantics, let me reword it: There is not some huge conspiracy going on where journalists are being paid off to review games positively. Video game companies barely even care about traditional gaming media anymore – all the money is in video content – streams and YouTube exposure. On YouTube, people *are* being paid by publishers to positively cover their games.

  6. So what. There still the same people running the site. Suddenly they changed?
    There was never bribe? Really? Because it looks better with your argument?
    The reviewer gets fired for giving low review score and there was no bribe?
    Sure, say whatever you want to yourself.

  7. Boris Fett

    Pretty good.

  8. Boris Fett

    Mate, the entire game has frame rate issues on Xbox One. This isn’t some conspiratorial nonsense. It’s a fact. The issue has already been well documented online. It’s not hard to find. Example:…

    I can recall one particular platform section myself where you have to jump between a bunch of walls as you’re falling, and the frame completely tanks. It’s terrible.

    Ignoring that its maxed out at 30fps, it can rarely maintain that frame rate. Any section with more than one or two enemies constantly dips in the low 20s. The PC version on any decent machione can run a stable 60 at all times.

  9. Boris Fett

    That fiasco was nearly 10 years ago. Move on. Jesus.

    That was never bribery anyway. Eidos didn’t take too kindly to the negative review, and GameSpot responded poorly. A shitty approach? Sure. But nobody was “paid off” for a good review.

  10. so xbox users cant play the game?
    You were trying GOW because PSN network went down again and again?
    That sucks.

  11. That sucks I have tried from the Windows store PC since my mate has the xbox and they still haven’t fixed the download reset bug

  12. He didn’t mention Uncharted at all, delusional ps fanboy.
    He talks about GOW in GOW article.
    You have issues, there are places for that.

  13. Yeah I want to mention Uncharted, as previously mentioned that “greatness hasn’t arrived” for Playstation it actually has. According to sales numbers and reviews its been received exceptionally well. Then again, the ‘argument’ is a waste of time. And Orion and Dr. J are doing worse(as usual) to propagate this colossal waste of time they spend hounding people with their preferences.

  14. the problem is bored ps bots come to xbox articles trying to bash everything ms related, then they cry when someone responds.
    Or perhaps talking about ps in non praising tone ticks their hats off.
    Speaking about false accounts, another hypocrisy. There are sony bots here with confirmed multiple accounts.
    So, why mad? Go back to your rehashed Last of Us and your indie, anime games.

  15. Really, nobody? How can you say?
    Gamespot was already convicted of taking bribes.

  16. no wonder, they employ transvestites.

  17. well, you’re a tool.

  18. Xbox gamers cant play because of some ms store hiccups?
    Hiccups that don’t even relate to the game itself?

  19. Mr Ruffles

    Uncharted has the same amount of games a Gears of War –

    Uncharted – Gears of War

    Uncharted 2 – Gears of War 2

    Uncharted 3 – Gears of War 3

    Uncharted Golden Abyss – Gears of War Judgement

    Uncharted 4 – Gears of War 4

    And yet you were praising Uncharted 4 for being amazing. So I have to ask:

  20. Adnan

    Nanananana Saaaaalt maaan

  21. Adnan

    agreed ,, scores r looking awesome

  22. How cordial of you.
    If you wanna talk about uncharted, why do you come to gow article?
    That’s sony fanboyism in the open.
    There are ps article where you can share your sentiments. Or is every ps fanboy in xbox articles?

  23. that would be badass!

  24. PoweredByCheckers

    unfarted 4, gran turdismo squirt, no man’s cry, horizon zelda redone, the last decade, dazed bone, etc 🙂

  25. There is no need for me to appear credible, all I want is for you to realize that it’s ok to game on other platforms. An insane concept I know, we all don’t have to argue about what system or anyone believes is better.

    What is truly childish is brand loyalty. That goes for Dr. J and Orion as well.

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