Halo 5 developer 343 Industries really doesn’t want you to miss this one.

Halo 5: Guardians has certainly lived up to promises of ongoing support: this week’s Monitor’s Bounty update was the tenth free content and feature drop for the shooter.

And what a whopper it was: as well as the usual slew of REQ items, it introduced REG pack gifting, a new observer mode and a “join in progress” custom games browser – not to mention delivering Halo 5 Arena and Forge to PC for free.

For those who enjoy building their own content or playing community creations, the update also made huge changes to Halo 5’s forge including mini-games like Race, King and Battle Golf.

You should investigate those links for all the details as there’s loads more to discover in Halo 5: Monitor’s Bounty, but if you just want a quick update, the video above shows off the Forge side of things to great effect. Microsoft and 343 Industries really want to make sure you know all this is happening, it seems. We have now discharged our duties in this regard, I believe.


  1. doplerradar

    The second paragraph seems to imply that Halo 5: Forge just came out on PC. The title in previous articles suggest this as well. I wonder if the author knows that it has existed for a few months now.

  2. doplerradar

    A guy went through the files on PC and found another version of the grenade launcher that is even stronger than the Pro Pipe variant. It will most likely be released in the next update because the same guy also leaked the new versions of the wasp and the anti-air wrath.

  3. doplerradar

    That is kind of how Halo 5 works on PC now. There isn’t cross play but you can make maps in PC that will transfer to Xbox. There is no Warzone or matchmaking but with the custom browser, it has potential on building a strong PC community who can play Arena gametypes. I don’t think 343 will add Warzone or matchmaking to PC which is why they wanted the custom browser despite originally not planning on it.

  4. Ventilator

    I own the game, but have sadly not played it much yet.
    I know they added tons of stuff to the game frequently.
    All maps is free too.

    With all content, i think its soon 100.GB on HDD. I think Halo 5 currently is around 95.GB.

  5. Code Geass Season3!!

    I’m loving it just as every other big update 343 has added to the game. Such great support!

  6. Mr Ruffles

    The grenade launcher from Reach is back ^________^

    And dat plasma grenade assassination doe? O______O

  7. Ventilator

    I suspect PC will get a multiplayer version of Halo 5 soon with Story Campaign removed. It will for sure have cross-play and share online with Xbox One.
    This could be unofficial multiplayer test for cross-play.

    Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3 cross-play already works flawless with PC and Xbox One.

    Its like with Forza 6 Apex where they removed 90% of the game before releasing the rest on PC.

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