Mass Effect: Andromeda, previously the merest flicker of a fin, swam into view overnight. Let’s dive right in.


As VG247’s official Mass Effect Nerd, it given to me to dwell thoughtfully on the N7 Day Mass Effect: Andromeda reveal and make some sensible, coherent observations.

I was fully prepared to meet this brief – before I started fangirling harder than a wind farm. All my cynicism and concerns have gone right out the window. Sherif and Alex are in no better state. “Of course one must wait and see,” we told each other gravely, before proceeding to gibber and frisk about like children six cans of Dr Pepper and a kilo of twizzlers into a birthday party.

Okay Brenna, deep breaths: let’s just sit down calmly and go through this in a sensible fashion. First, let’s watch the Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer:

“I want to stand at the edge of the galaxy and be weighed down by the immense fragility of human life as aptly illustrated by great looming robot bastards, or whatever, and fear for my life and that of my friends.”

Well, that’s certainly exciting stuff – but I am a grown up, and proof against the wiles of highly edited trailers. We’ll need to see the Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay reveal at The Game Awards next month before I get really excited.

But there’s more to see today. There are some new Mass Effect: Andromeda screenshots to ponder. We can go laugh uproariously at the ridiculously expensive collector’s editions, and quietly and hypocritically weigh up the deluxe editions.

Our next stop is to sign up for the Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer beta. During the sign-up process, BioWare will ask you how long you spent playing Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer. Maybe you’ll log into N7 HQ to check. Maybe it will be 139 hours and you’ll feel your face go completely still in wonder before you’re carried away on a wave of nostalgia.

Perhaps you’ll then remember logging back in some time later, after you’d finally started playing action multiplayer games regularly, and were horrified by how clunky it all felt compared to modern games. Remember jumping over a fence six times because it was on the same button as “revive my teammate”? Amazing scenes.

Oh hey, while we’re signing up for things, we better finally join this Andromeda Initiative thing BioWare’s been pushing so we can scour the website for interesting details (like where Mass Effect: Andromeda fits in the franchise timeline). Join, log in, and fiddle with it enough and you’ll get to see a couple of extra Mass Effect: Andromeda videos.

The first one is a bit blah: rising orchestral strains, the triumph and wonder of humanity, like, whatever. It takes more than that to get an emotional response from me.

But then there’s this one:

This, cats, is where I lost my shit completely. It turns out that exactly what it takes to get an emotional response from me is the Mass Effect music which kicks in about 1:38. The first few bars are okay, but then that beat comes up – By the time it peaks at 1:54 I knew I’d pre-order, like a chump, like part of the problem, gods dammit.

That synthetic beat that is just pure Mass Effect. It burrowed right through my ear and into my brain, clasped two little electric hands around my central nervous system, and then it squeezed. I think a life flashed before my eyes, but it was Shepard’s life instead of mine, and I wanted to play a new Mass Effect game so badly I kicked my chair over.

I want to go back there, you know? To Mass Effect. But also I want for it not to be over, to not be playing with the knowledge of what’s to come. I want to stand at the edge of the galaxy and be weighed down by the immense fragility of human life as aptly illustrated by great looming robot bastards, or whatever, and fear for my life and that of my friends. I also want to kiss space faces without thinking about party composition because I don’t already know everyone’s bonus skills.

Clearly, Mass Effect: Andromeda is our best shot at achieving that.

There’s a lot more to talk about with regards to Mass Effect: Andromeda, but I’m reluctant to do it until we’ve got the primary sources in front of our very own eyes. There are some amazing bits of information out there, if you go looking – the number of squad members and relationships, specific changes to controls and combat, exploration details, how the multiplayer has evolved, some plot points – and it’s going to give you a lot of feelings if you’re a big old Mass Effect or BioWare nerd like me.

To temper this excitement, I will note that this comparison worries me:

I’ve written at some length on why I’m pretty glum about the prospect of Mass Effect becoming Dragon Age: Inquisition in space, and nothing I’ve seen or read today has gone anyway to dispel my worry that we’ll get exactly that.

But just as I did two full, all-missions play throughs of Dragon Age: Inquisition while hating every generic fetch quest and eye-rolling through combat, I’m balancing my cynicism about Mass Effect: Andromeda with anticipation. We all know what BioWare is capable of, don’t we. I’ll put up with almost anything for it.


  1. realdealbearsfan54

    Me3 multi player was AWESOME,pre missle glitch patch that is! You lazy new gen entitled pukes RUINED an awesome game.I wonder how long it will take these NO LIFES to figure out glitches to do the same to ANDROMEDA.It realyy is sad to not be looking forward to NEW games because of this!

  2. MAULxx

    I haven’t been extremely fond of a Bioware game since ME. DA Origins was decent but it’s been downhill since imo. Maybe what I liked about their games died when the founders left idk. I’m willing to be proven wrong but definitely not expecting to be. No excitement for Andromeda here.

  3. Country Boy Lucifer

    I don’t think it’s crap at all. The game should be boycotted or at least not bought retail until they get rid of the offending staff.

  4. because we are here for the game . not that crap.

  5. well good for me because i liked inquisition. but before making assumption based on a pic…lets wait and see.

  6. Whether people buy the game or not would be based on the reaction to hearing about Manveer Heir.

    The petition doesn’t have to be acted upon, it just needs to garner interest and lots of support. And hopefully huge gaming websites will catch wind of it and report on it.

    As Garrus once said, shout loud enough and someone will eventually come over to see what all the fuss is about.

    I can’t stress enough that’s your decision on your own will have no impact. There needs to be a larger threat of that. At the moment you’ll just be shooting yourself in the foot.

  7. One With Shadows

    Well maybe if people didn’t buy it that would be pressure that EA or Bioware couldn’t handle. A bad rep after making millions of dollars is easy peazy. Probably too late for a petition. But not too late to spread the word.

  8. If there’s no risk in him tampering with my food, sure. But I’d risk playing a game he was a part of than food he prepared…

    Look, don’t play the game if that makes you feel better. But that doesn’t solve anything. There needs to be pressure put on Bioware and/or EA to sort the guy out. It’s strange that it hasn’t smeared their reputation already. Probably had little affect. Do more than not buying the game, because that doesn’t really achieve anything on its own.

    Create a petition since you passionately hate the guy. I’ll sign it.

  9. One With Shadows

    Lead or not, makes no difference to me. If you’re local McDonalds hired David Duke to flip burgers, you going in there and buying one?

    Racism is no game bro.

  10. Hmm, you keep throwing ‘lead’ in there. Wouldn’t you feel like putting that in there on your bio, considering it means something…

    Anyway, I’ve seen his tweets and he’s retweeted white peoples’ tweets, so he clearly has some he likes. Some are even white fans. Maybe he gives you a pass if you play his game, lol

  11. One With Shadows

    Oops, my bad, Lead Game Designer.

  12. Lead director? Thought he was a gameplay designer.

  13. One With Shadows

    “2 thirds of the development team probably don’t interact with him.”

    Dude, he’s the lead Director for God sakes…everyone not only works with him, but essentially FOR him.

  14. There’s clearly something going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about.

    No idiot would leave their job because of one racist who happens to be working on the same game. 2 thirds of the development team probably don’t interact with him.

    You say you’re not offended, but you sure are taking it very much to heart. Even insinuating the guy would violently attack someone.

    Bioware should be doing something about it, and it honestly surprises me that nothing has been done. More surprising is that today is the first time I’ve heard of this guy. Which shouldn’t be a shock, it should be covered by all the major gaming sites in an effort to expose the racist.

    So, since this isn’t really exposed much or talked about at all, how many will join you in your stance? How many will also stop playing the game as a result of this guy’s tweets? Unless it’s going to do something worthwhile, all you’re doing is missing out on something enjoyable, and for what?

  15. One With Shadows

    Yeah man, there is. Save your money. Lol

  16. Simon B

    I must say, I never thought about it that way, and that is very true. The same would happen in my work. I guess all I’m thinking now, aside from firing him, which it seems obvious they aren’t going to do, isn’t there an alternate way to deal with this?

  17. One With Shadows

    Exactly, so not only do they choose to work beside a racist, they also choose to work for a company that is ok with it. See, that guy would have been long gone where I work…long gone.

  18. Simon B

    But what are they supposed to do? All quit? All go look for other jobs when they have worked there for however long? Unfortunately sometimes there are circumstances that no matter how badly you dislike them, you need to deal with them to keep going. In this specific circumstance, I wouldn’t blame his co-workers, but I would definitely say that his superiors have something to answer for, for neither saying nor doing anything about this man.

  19. One With Shadows

    Not you. But all the people working there do have a choice. And apparently they choose to associate with him.

  20. Simon B

    I may not like him or his ideas, practices, whatever, but I don’t want to colour an entire company with that belief, nor do I want want his normal co-workers to suffer because of him.

  21. Simon B

    Yes, because I can instantly change the racism of my elderly grandparents, I just choose not to. Also, last time I checked, I have never met, let alone associated with this man.

  22. One With Shadows

    Hence your sympathy for those who choose to associate with racists.

  23. Simon B

    Yeah, which is why I don’t mind trying to help the people who use that company as a way to survive, even if it possibly helps a single racist. Hell, unfortunately the older half of my family is full of them.

  24. One With Shadows

    Look man, sometimes, things are more important in life than video games.

  25. Simon B

    Why does one man instantly make the rest of the company racist? Not all of the people working there, in fact the majority, don’t get to choose their coworkers.

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