Sniper Elite 4 will, once more, let you kill Hitler.

A new trailer for Sniper Elite 4 shows of the Target: Fuhrer campaign.

As usual, the campaign is included with purchase if you pre-order before Sniper Elite 4 releases in February, and will be sold as DLC for everyone else.

The bonus campaign supports one to two players and includes specific trophies and achievements to encourage replays. Here’s the PR description:

“Featuring an expansive coastal environment – including a lofty U-boat facility packed with elite Nazi troops and the kind of environmental hazards that would make any health and safety inspector run for the hills – players will get a fantastic taster of Sniper Elite 4’s open-ended approach to tactical third-person combat, rewarding not only their sharpshooting skills, but also their wit and creativity.”

Sniper Elite 4 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


  1. KeplerNoMore

    Probably because Sniper Ghost Warrior already has the modern-future spot. So…not really that many time spots left.

  2. roflcake

    After this i hope Rebellion comes up with a more original game

  3. Wohlever

    Yawn. Sniper Elite has gotten seriously stale.
    Is World War II the ONLY war that can put sniping in?

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