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Rockstar Games has begun to tease what is surely a new Red Dead game.

Check out this message from the company’s official Twitter account:

What else could it be? The message has been retweeted over 40,000 times in just three hours. To say excitement levels are rising is an understatement.

Fans are currently arguing over whether we should call it Red Dead 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2 and getting quite agitated about it in a way only people on the internet can.

Rumours about a follow up to Red Dead Redemption are never far away, but this year there have been multiple reports that something would happen by the end of 2016.

The biggest rumour was that Rockstar was due to reveal Red Dead 3 at E3 but pulled the announcement at the last minute.

There hasn’t been any official comment from Rockstar on the state of any sequel to Red Dead Redemption at all, but earlier this year the game appeared on Xbox One as a backwards compatible title and last week the original game, Red Dead Revolver, popped up on the PlayStation Store.

Expect more from Rockstar over the coming weeks.


  1. cig107

    True. But dooesnt seem like they’d do that if it wasn’t a new game. I’m fine with a remaster though, new game would be a bonus.

  2. Chayne


  3. Dragon Rider


  4. L.A Noire team bondi. yep.

  5. Broken Spline

    LA Noire is not made by Rockstar. That was published. That’s it. Max Payne 3 was made after GTA IV and was made with PC in mind. Red Dead was not Rockstar has said as much. This is pointless as the image revealed shows this has nothing to do with a remaster.

  6. Well, L.A Noire too.
    Max Payne 3, too. It even released on OsX.

  7. Broken Spline

    Red Dead went through some development hell thing where Rockstar had to shutter a studio and make all of their studios work on it to pump it out. This is why it was never made for the PC as it is hobbled together to work for the consoles. Also probly to keep the modders from looking into the game and seeing how it is Frankensteined together.

  8. davide

    Flag as inappropriate+block.

  9. davide

    if they release a remake for PC it will be Red Dead Redemption (that is miss on PC) and not Red Dead Revolver.
    Also i personally LIKE Red Dead REdemption more than Revolver so (i hope for a Redemption 2)
    And international critics vote is 7.5 for RDRevolver and 9.5 for RDRedemption .
    But yes i agree with you the first is read dead revolver but i sure dont buy it if they release rdrevolver remake,i like + red dead redemption remake.

  10. different lead studio: check.
    different pipeline: don’t know.
    same multiplatform capable engine, rage : check

  11. Kharnivore2099

    I was saying it would be nice to see a version of RDR remastered, with decent frame rates and resolutions. A new game would be great too, but all we have is a red R* logo at the moment…it’s not really saying anything.

  12. Revolver Ocelot

    I’d rather see a new GTA announcement or an Agent re-announcement than Red Dead. As much as I enjoyed it, the pacing puts off replays of Redemption.

  13. cig107

    This would be an entirely new game though. Or are you just talking about the game’s universe overall?

  14. ProAssassin84

    Honestly Red Dead Redemption was great but not the best game in the world. I remember tons of boring horse rides to boring missions.

  15. Vorastra

    My bad. I read it as Redemption 3

  16. Dragon Rider

    No issue. Your comment just made me laugh.

  17. Schulzey

    Yes, it sold about 60 million and growing on console, but according to Steam Spy, there are over 5 million who own it. http://steamspy.com/app/271590

  18. Schulzey

    ??? Sarcasm struggles in text. If you care to explain your issue more clearly, perhaps I could help you better understand my comment. Or not.

  19. Top_Goner

    I have a feeling the PC Master Race is crossed fingers right now hoping this new Red Dead would come to their system too. Lol!

  20. Holeybartender

    Wth, 10 or so games out of hundreds is nothing. Look at how much GTA 5 on PS4 looks sooo much better than the original. I welcome a remaster of RDR at this point but we will see RDR 2,don’t cry.

  21. Andy Maas

    Gears of war 4 is a fun game

  22. Xepher

    I would say that they are teasing RDR remaster

  23. Triggerhappy

    Speak English, son.

  24. Broken Spline

    Different studios and different pipelines.

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