Reviews for Watch Dogs 2 are dropping. Here’s a quick look at what everyone thought.


Watch Dogs 2 is out tomorrow and if you’re still pondering on whether or not to grab yourself a copy, these review scores might help.

The sequel builds on the mechanics of the first game and has you play as Marcus, an activist who becomes involved with the hacker group DedSec.

Here’s how the sequel is being received so far. As always, scores are out of ten unless otherwise noted.

Watch Dogs 2 is launching worldwide on November 15 for PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One, while the PC version will follow two weeks later on November 29.

Post launch DLC will arrive on PS4 first with 30-days exclusivity.


  1. Jeremy Burgess

    What were those reviewers smoking? I wouldn’t touch this game’s “story” with a ten-foot pole.

  2. entropy

    If I thought that two weeks was going to be spent fixing all the inevitable console port fails, I’d consider it.

    I don’t support devs and publishers who treat their PC audience as second class citizens.

  3. entropy

    The fake PC reviews where they just rebadge the console ones? I’m sure they will be.

  4. Darth Vader™

    Eh, I actually prefer the first one with it’s darker tone. This one feels like it has to much hipster.
    All they really had to do was give the protagonist more personality.

  5. Broken Spline

    Most likely. At that same month there is also Zelda, South Park as well.

  6. Larry Litmanen

    By the time you are done with Dishonored 2 Mass Effect will be out.

  7. Thrasher_88

    Not day one purchase, but i’m definitely getting this one 🙂

    Loved the first one, despite the visual downgrade and awfull driving imo.

  8. So what were the scores that these places gave to no man’s sky?
    Polygon gave that crap a 6? Yeah, like i trust them on this game?

  9. Broken Spline

    I am pretty invested with Dishonored 2 at the moment but when this is on sale. I will probably pick it up. I was already burned by the original.

  10. drjonesjnr

    Hated the first one so I definitely won’t be buying this one

  11. ThisServerSucks

    I thought the first one was pretty good it was just overhyped. Ive been avoiding gameplay hopefully its as good as reviews are saying.

  12. Robert Sawicki

    Jimquisition – Jim gave it a 9/10

  13. danhalen74

    i just dont trust Ubisoft as a games publisher after the first Watchdogs and the fiasco of The Division amongst other clusterfucks. if i get this it’ll be in a games drought and when in a sale. the characters all look a bit painfully hip too. the dude with emoji glasses? i want to punch him already.

  14. So… this is like Assassin’s Creed, where the first game is meh and the second is very good.

  15. Xetrus

    Solid. I hope SweetFX guys do a good job on this one.

  16. Kanoosh

    lol ikr? , i remember a day not too long ago when people were complaining there were no games on the PS4 there are too many haha.

  17. Two Left Sticks review –

  18. Arapahoe

    It actually looks better than I thought. I might pick it up next year when I get my pro

  19. youhbi

    Better than I had expected. When will they give this as a PSN game of the month? 🙂

  20. ravzir

    Hope reviews for PC come out before the 29th when it launches…

  21. Ge0force

    Scores are higher than I expected. I may give it a try when the game goes on sale.

  22. Dabigkahuna76

    GameSpot and IGN always reviewing in progress

  23. Top_Goner

    Still, Complete Edition for me.

  24. Oliver Clarke

    I’ve been wanting to give Watch Dogs a try, I’ll wait till the price goes down then grab it. That should also give me time to actually get good at Rainbow six siege before moving onto another Ubisoft game. Cheers for the review.

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